As a psychotherapist trained in Body/ Mind Psychotherapy, I guide my clients to deeper parts of themselves where important information is stored.  Our bodies are wise and they hold our truth. In this American culture, we are not practiced in listening to our bodies. We are culturally trained to listen to our thoughts. There is nothing wrong with thoughts, but sometimes our thoughts obscure the deeper wisdom which comes from our bodies. Our bodies have memory which our minds have forgotten. Through the body mind connection, we can learn our deeper truth.

I assist my clients to connect with their breath and body. When we do this work, we are guided by a truth that does not come from our thoughts, but of course, our thougths help us to make sense of the experience of breath and body. We hold tension in our bodies and it is a worthy exploration to find out what is behind that tension. The body/ mind work is from the “inside out”, so to speak and it requires an openness and willingness to explore what is unknown to us.

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche