Weekly Meditation

I offer a FREE weekly on line meditation on Friday Mornings at 8:30AM PDT. You can sign up for the meditation by clicking the link below Here are the guidelines and the schedule for the meditation session:


  • We will start promptly at 8:30. If you need to join late, that’s fine, but don’t turn your camera on until you’re settled, as to not disturb others. I will have everyone muted, so don’t worry about making noise.
  • If you have to leave early, that is also fine, simply leave the meeting.
  • The first 30 minutes will be primarily meditating with a few reminders
  • 10 minutes of Contemplation
  • Optional Shavasana / relaxation pose
  • The last 15 Minutes are optional Discussion time — this is time to ask a question or share a comment about the practice of meditation.

Meditation Schedule:

  • 8:30 – 8:35 Asana
  • 8:35 – 8:40 Meditation instruction — posture and method
  • 8:40 – 9:00 Calm Abiding Meditation
  • 9:00 – 9:10 Contemplation / reading
  • 9:10 – 9:15 Optional Shavasana (relaxation pose) & closing
  • 9:15 – 9:30 Optional Discussion

Sign up for free weekly meditation here:

You will receive the link to the meditation gathering in your inbox.


Meditation is a fundamental tool for understanding ourselves and our world—a much- needed skill during these world-wide challenging times. Understanding and deepening our emotional responses to stressful events allows us to relate to our own lives more skillfully and compassionately. When we meditate, we practice bringing our awareness to our emotional state and we can begin to understand our personal “emotional landscape”, i.e. why we react the way we do.

These retreats will begin with meditation instruction and practice develop into an understanding of our emotional lives and how we can apply our meditation while we are “off the cushion” — in our day to day lives and in the world at large.

Although there are no retreats scheduled at this time, please let me know if you would like to be informed about at upcoming retreat.

The way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart. 

~ Shakyamuni Buddha