A moment

sunset-192978__340I know the life of the one rushing,  just enough time to make the bus, just enough time to get to work, checking messages, leaving messages along the way…  But not today.  Today I am happy to have the delay.  It gives me a moment to feel the sun coming through the roof, to hear the annoying buzzing of the lights, to see the comings and goings of many others,  to feel the subtle growl of my stomach and most of all, it gives me a moment to find and feel my breath. Rather than rushing back into what was, and what will be, it gives me a chance to be here now. I sometimes lose sight of my breath in the muck and madness of the day to day. When I look into the brilliance of the vast blue sky, there is so much clarity. Like the clouds that block that clarity, sometimes the mire and muck and the mundane get in the way of what is so brilliant, clear and usually much more simple than I make it out to be.

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