Diving in: A Look at Ourselves from the Inside Out

What does that mean?  Looking at ourselves from the inside out?  Meditation is a process in getting to know ourselves, but we have to first  quiet our chattering minds to be able to listen into a deeper part of ourselves.   In mindfulness meditation, we observe our thoughts, with a sense of curiosity and non-judgment, and we take a break from chasing after them or attaching to them.  In this practice of observation, we get to know ourselves from the inside out.  We are typically better versed at knowing ourselves on the outside in.  Our “outside-selves” are all about what we do, who we are in the world and how we are valued to others.  But in meditation, that can all fall away, and we get to know our “inside-selves”, who we inherently are.    There is a resting place in getting to know this part of ourselves and the only way I know to get a hint of that resting place is through meditation.   That is why I offer the day-long or weekend mindfulness retreats.   To spend retreat time practicing quieting our active minds, is for me, the most essential offering.  Check out the Meditation Offerings page for upcoming retreats.