Contemplative Psychotherapy

As a contemplative therapist, my core belief is that every being has a seed of “basic goodness” or “inherent wisdom” and my therapeutic goal with each client is to help them to find that seed.  Life’s challenges and hardships hide or obstruct our view of this.  As a therapist my work is to help individuals find their natural intelligence and reclaim it.  My work is client focused and driven.

We all have habitual ways of being in the world, some habits that work, but others that obstruct or get in the way of our path to health.  It is only when we become aware of these habits that we can change them.  Therefore, part of my work is to point out what a habit may be and together we can then work to change the habit or behavior.  Habits have often been with us for a long time and because they have become such a part of us and our identity, they seem ingrained in us and therefore not changeable.  But, if the desire is there, hard as it may be, the change is possible.

Meditation has been an integral part of my personal journey for nearly 30 years.  Though I do not teach meditation in my sessions with clients, I do emphasize mindfulness and  the importance of slowing down and paying attention first to our breath and then to our patterns and behaviors.

If interested, I teach a weekly meditation class at Whidbey Island Yoga at 222 Anthes Avenue in Langley.   This meditation offering is for beginning meditators as well as seasoned meditators and is open to clients as well as anyone who would like to meditate in a group setting.  Meditation is offered on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:30.  Other meditation offers are listed under the tool bar.