A bit About Me

img_3919I completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology/ Art Therapy Concentration, from the Naropa University in 1997.  While in Boulder, I worked at the Community Mental Health Center in Boulder County and at the University of Colorado’s Speech and Language Department ‘s Pre-school.  Since moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2004, I have done counseling work in schools, community mental health and private practice.  I have maintained a private psychotherapy practice since 2007.

I love the outdoors!  I am “at home” in the mountains, especially the rocky mountains, however since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have developed a respect and love for the sea and specifically the Puget Sound.  I feel lucky to live in a place where I have many opportunities to be in close relationship to the natural world.   I am fed by my time spent in the woods, sea, and mountains.  Something that I have learned since living in a grey and rainy climate is that when I am inside looking out, the weather is daunting, but if I am out in the elements, the colors come alive and I awed by the beauty.

I am devoted to the practices of somatic awareness, contemplation, meditation  and creative expression, all of which guide me and my  work as psychotherapist.  I love my work and feel honored to be a part of my client’s world.

I am married and have two teenage sons and one old and one young dog.  I love to learn, cook, paint and have adventures in the wilderness.   And one of the things I value most is the meaningful connections I have made in this life.